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ScrumLaunch is a Los Angeles based product innovation studio. We work with leading brands and high growth startups to design and build great products.

The work


We specialize in web and mobile software applications that can scale to millions of users. Customer centric design and development is our DNA.





Our scrum approach places a heavy empahsis on daily communication, user stories and rapid feedback.


& Customer Research

& Customer Research

We place a heavy emphasis on design sprints, customer validation and user analytics.


Quality Software
Development & QA

Quality Software
Development & QA

We believe in using the most modern technology, emphasizing QA automation and a discpilined deployment process


1. Web Development

We build scalable web applications using the most popular modern frameworks.


2. Mobile Applications

Our team has extensive experience building engaging applications for iOS and Android.

3. Staff Augmentation

We provide engineering resources to instantly scale your development team. Eliminate long hiring cycles or under-utilized resources.


4. UX Design & Prototyping

Great user experience is essential to any successful product. We take it seriously.

5. QA Automation

QA automation is included in all of our projects and also offered as an a la carte ongoing service.


6. Marketing Automation

We implement robust analytics systems so you can optimize your customer onboarding journey and user experience.


Our Expertise

Product Innovation, Marketing Automation and Software Development

We are a team of entrepreneurs, software deveopers and product managers who have built and sold our own software companies. This gives us a unique understanding of the challenges you face when developing a software product.

How we started

ScrumLaunch was born out of the realization that the standard software development outsourcing model was broken.

We offer a more transparent and high touch solution following a version of scrum for distributed teams where our engineers, designers and product managers are placed directly into your organization.


There are a lot of choices when it comes building a software product. The reason people choose ScrumLaunch is because of our high touch approach, high quality work and most importantly, because we have built our own software products and have a deep understanding of how to succeed with iterative, rapid development.


"I've never met an organization so willing to go above and beyond expectations." - Mike @ BlitzLift

Software Development
Design Sprints
Marketing Automation
App Development

The Count

We love building great software businesses and scalable systems.


People who have used products we've built


Years of product development experience


Our Team


Successful Fundraises, Acquisitons and IPOs involving our team

Team Member Profile

  • Name: Tony Lambropoulos
  • Nationality: USA
  • Position: Lead Software Architect

Hi, my name is Tony Lambropoulos. I am a lead backend software architect at ScrumLauch.

I started developing software in 7th grade by making games for my TI-86 calculator and have a computer engineering degree from Missouri Institute of Science and Technology. Since then I've built enterprise scale advertising platforms and video transcoding engines.

I particularly love Python and Go and working on Project Euler coding challenges in my free time when not surfing, hiking or playing soccer. My most proud moment as a software developer was deployinig a real time advertising system that was able to handle over 8 billion data requests per day with automated server load scaling. It didn't hurt that company got sold too :)

Backend Development
Code Optimization
Server Architecture


A few examples of our work.

Web CampusReel
Web GoGipper
Web vLoop
QA Automation
Customer Research & Marketing Automation Carrington Mortgage
Web & Marketing Automation Cross Audience
Web & Marketing Automation PSU Soccer
Web Modular11
App Voicyd

Our Onboarding Process

  • PreLaunch

    Free Consultation

    We meet with you to discuss your goals, share specifics about our approach and begin to define a roadmap that will most cost and time effectively meet your goals.

  • Day 1

    Define Process

    Whether you are starting a project from scratch or having our team augmented your existing staff, we will have a detailed discussion to define the development process and ensure expectations are clearly established.

  • Day 2-10

    Daily Scrum Calls

    ScrumLaunch resources will be directly integrated into your team to adhere to a scrum process. We are happy to use whatever communication tools you prefer (ie slack, skype, hangouts, zoom, etc).

  • Day 11

    Project Launch Retrospective

    After two weeks of working together, we schedule a scrum retrospective call in order to identify any inefficiencies in the development process and improve the way we work together.

  • Ongoing

    We Are an Integrated Part of Your Team

    ScrumLaunch resources should be fully integrated into your team at this stage in the process and you have the freedom to manage their day to day activites to meet your goals.


Our Goal

To create the best product development or staff augmentation experience in the world.

Who are we?

Our team has experience launching products from an idea on a napkin through acquisition (by both publicly traded and private companies). We have worked at numerous high growth technology & media companies that have either IPOed, been acquired or launched new products internally. These include the Rubicon Project, OptimalSocial, William Morris Endeavor and Instasize.

How We Work

We provide a variety of service options depending on client needs.

  • New Product Development
  • Design Sprint
  • Experienced Product Manager
  • Scrum Bootcamp
  • Full Time Staff
  • User Analytics Implementation
  • Contact Us
  • Product Workshops
  • Design Thinking & Lean Start Up
  • Remote Team Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Research & Validation
  • Code Review
  • Contact Us


Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Phone: +1 310 488 9086