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  • April 2022

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Ekaterina A.
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • 5 y. of Experience
Lead developer for high growth, venture funded saas social graphics platform supporting over 1M monthly uniques.
Oleg V.
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • 6 y. of Experience
Expertise with scalable e-commerce applications & complex inventory management systems.
Oleksandr B.
  • Mid-Lvl Software Engineer
  • 4 y. of Experience
Scalable consumer application expert. Lead developer on multiple venture funded consumer applications that currently support 3M monthly users.

The ScrumLaunch Approach

ScrumLaunch combines the scale of leading talent matching platforms with the personalization of a high touch agency to ensure the best client experience.

Intelligent Vetting

Our team has built and sold multiple companies, and we understand first-hand how important competent software engineers are. All clients are assigned.

Onboarding & Oversight

Our team has built and sold multiple companies, and we understand first-hand how important competent.

Collaboration & Efficiency

Our team has built and sold multiple companies, and we understand first-hand how important competent.

How to hire a PHP EXPERT?

Hiring fresh talent in Java requires testing and reviewing candidates for their technical skills and proficiency in the programming language. That means a fair amount of software development experience is expected.

What is PHP?

What is PEAR in PHP?

Explain the difference b/w static and dynamic websites?

What are the popular Content Management Systems (CMS) in PHP?

What is 'echo' in PHP?

What is the difference between $message and $$message?

Describe how the Laravel Framework works.

ScrumLaunch PHP Developers at a Glance

Our software development and design teams played a pivotal role in many client success stories in 2021.

5 Avg Years

Of Experience

Less Than 3%

Applicant Acceptance Rate

5+ Hours

Of Technical Interviews


What ScrumLaunch does for you

Scrumlaunch is home to top developers, designers, engineers, coders, architects, and consultants. Companies choose to work with Scrumlaunch because our team has succeeded with all types of companies and projects, supporting business owners from idea to acquisition.

Trusted by over 400 clients worldwide since 2015

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Rob Carrol




frequently asked questions

Why should I use ScrumLaunch to Hire PHP Developers?
At ScrumLaunch, we hire and train every member of our team individually. All dedicated PHP developers (and any developer or designer, for that matter) undergo in-depth assessment and training to test for skill level, adaptability, creativity, system architecture, and other key components of software development. Our PHP experts have worked on a range of projects from video analysis and machine learning to custom marketplaces.
How Quickly can I hire PHP developers through ScrumLaunch?
Many of our clients have been up and running in under 24 hours. ScrumLaunch has the capacity to scale instantly and on-demand. If you already know what you’re building, then book a free consultation with our team to explain your PHP requirements. We’ll match you with PHP experts and a project manager on our team in a matter of hours.
Is ScrumLaunch well-known for PHP?
PHP is one of our primary development languages. Our team has a collective 600 years of development experience, and we’ve built incredibly complex projects in the language
How Effective is Offshore or Outsourced PHP?
Offshore PHP development is an incredibly cost-effecitve and efficient way to stand up new projects or build out existing ones. However, outsourcing PHP development offshore should be done with a reputable firm that has a proven track record of success. Read our guide on outsourcing web development here.